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A Proven People-Centered Approach to Skyrocket Team Performance

Having the power of a super-motivated, proficient, and productive team at your disposal will gain you the reputation of a credible and reliable goal-getter! You will delight your stakeholders and earn the respect of your peers.

Team Performance on Fire! is for business and project managers who want to stop wasting valuable time and energy worrying about their project going sour and chasing their team to meet deadlines and budget requirements.

“John has provided a superb one-stop guide to coping with the human dimensions of a project. It’s all the things that should have been (but weren’t) taught in the MBA course in a box.” ~ Douglas M. Brown, PhD, PgMP

Team Performance on Fire! will get you there! Discover how to:

  • Excel as a people-centered leader rather than a spreadsheet manager
  • Jumpstart your mindset into success mode for change and growth
  • Secure collaboration with your team
  • Blend in with your team and still be yourself
  • Thrive by nurturing your tribe
  • Read the project environment to get in control
  • Harness the right tools to enforce your leadership with ease

It’s all laid out in the four pillars: Mindset, Grit, Grip, and Gear. Following these four pillars will transform you into a Performance Rocketeer where you command with Mindset and fuel with Grit, Grip, and Gear.

Mindset will set you up mentally for success.

Grit will put your tribe in the winning mood.

Grip will get you in control of your operating environment.

Gear will provide you with tone-setting tools.

In this interactive book each pillar contains:

  • Core content
  • Graphical illustrations
  • Calls for action and reflection
  • Links to enlightening videos
  • Bonus content
  • An extensive case study

You will also find links to obtain complementary tools and assessments to help you further on your leadership journey.

Team Performance on Fire! is based on John Williams’ decades of experience and that of more than a hundred seasoned business and project managers operating under challenging conditions in the private and public domain. The author is a seasoned project leader with more than a hundred successful and also a few failed major projects under his belt. His signature pragmatic approach to leadership was quoted on mainstream news outlets.

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