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Next Performance Level

Recognize this?

Are you a Business or Project Manager and worried about your project going sour? Are you chasing your team to meet deadlines and budget requirements? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time enjoying the results and profits of your endeavor? 


Let me walk you through the experience from an awful nightmare to a liberating relief, and in the process get you ready to be a Performance Rocketeer.

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About the Pragmaticioner

My Experience


I changed my focus after decades of leading 100+ successful (and a few failed) major projects involving IT and organizational changes in the public and private sectors.  Now, I share my knowledge, experience, and passion by helping Business and Project Managers improve team performance and in turn boost their net-worth, self-worth, and joy-worth.

My Approach


Together we identify your team performance pressing issues and we come up with a plan to solve these issues once and for all. My approach is based on my proven signature people-centered Pragmatic Leadership Formula. I also offer a suite of quality assessment tools for a sanity check of some typical leadership skills and supporting domains.

Why Me?


Hi. I'm John A. Williams, MSc, owner of JAW Consultancy. In the past decades I gained the reputation of being a pragmatic leader, AKA 'The Pragmaticioner', putting the human factor at the core of all my undertakings. If you want to take your team performance to the next level, then my approach will help you do just that. Contact me for a friendly conversation.


More likely to succeed

=== Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2016 ===

Research and surveys show that having a mentor is important to success. In a 2013 Executive Coaching Survey, 80% of CEOs said they received some form of mentorship. In another research by Sage, 93% of startups admit that mentorship is instrumental to success. Your chances of success in life and in business can be amplified by having the right mentor. The valuable connections, timely advice, occasional accountability checks, the encouragement and guidance you will gain from having a mentor, will literarily leapfrog you to success.

10 Benefits

Brainstorm Brilliance

To be Held Accountable

Guidance / Challenging

Outstep Your Comfort Zone

Make Ideas reality

Unbiased Opinions

Knowledge and Tools



Get ‘there’ faster

The Human Factor

Check out this less than 1 min promo video showcasting the core essence of my people-centered approach to leadership, The Human Factor. It's the driving force behind my proven signature Pragmatic Leadership Formula.

Check out The Formula page to learn more about my formula.